A Tool to Explore Equities

STOCKBOOK is a desktop application that employs the smart algorithm to value each equity as a unique business employing multiple investment strategies.

What it does different:

  • comprises fundamental, quantitative and stock analysis
  • employs investment strategies to value an equity based on sustainability, growth and good performing business criteria.
  • conducts scratch analysis of financial health, credit, stock and valuation of an equity
  • the scoring is upgraded daily

Meet Team


G√ľnel Mammadova

Founder & CEO


  • MBA, Alliance Manchester Business School
  • BS in Finance, Securities
  • Programming skills in Python
  • 2 years business consultant in the UK (Private Equity, M&A, Digital Strategy)
  • 4 years finance analyst at tech start-up in Azerbaijan.

How It Works


Full Package

  • Equity Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis

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